Mark Kosiewski has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of manual therapy and corrective exercise, practicing many of those years in the Research Triangle of North Carolina. He has worked in such diverse settings as integrative medical clinics, outpatient physical therapy, and destination wellness centers. Mark believes in merging effective hands-on technique with a mindful intent.

Mark is heavily influenced by the osteopathic tradition, which contributes unique insights into physiological function and treatment. By utilizing techniques that honor multiple body systems in tandem, he finds that many chronic conditions improve. His clients typically report decreased pain and anxiety, improved range of motion and mobility, and dramatic shifts in quality of life. 

Relevant certifications (1998-present):

Upledger Institute (CST certified, Advanced)

John Barnes MFR (Most courses)

Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains)

OMERI Institute (Orthopedic Massage)

Postural Restoration Institute (Most courses)

PhysicalMind Institute (Pilates mat and equipment)

Kripalu Institute (Resident Yoga and Bodywork)

Board Certified Massage and Bodywork Therapist

National Academy of Sports Medicine